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Natalie Wical

Natalie grew up thinking two children was normal and three was kind of a lot. For a time she not-so-secretly thought being an only child would have been pretty nice. All that changed when she was born again and she found herself agreeing with her husband that more is merrier (besides how hard could it be?)

In 2019, Natalie and her husband David were walking around Knott's Berry farm with their three children when a couple with five grown children said, “the next one’s easier.” As the couple seemed credible, the Wicals welcomed their fourth baby, but it did not get easier. Regardless, Natalie and David think having four children is a lot of fun and heartily recommend it. In her free time, Natalie enjoys asking her husband what movie that one quote is from, when all her children like the meal she made, and reading the occasional book.

Toddlers In the Trenches:
How and What to Prioritize While Loving Your Littles

Christian families are just different. For one thing, oftentimes there are just more of us. We know our children were planned by the Lord, formed in the womb, and are great blessings. But how does knowing that help when the new baby wants milk now, the toddler formerly known as the baby needs some extra reassurance, and the oldest child is trying to whip everyone into shape-literally with a homemade whip because he got to watch Indiana Jones last night? How in the world do you know what to tackle first? Let’s talk about it! In this session we will consider how as Christians we have spiritual realities that can help us prioritize what to do when life gets busy: the reality of the soul, the reality of sin, and the reality of the Holy Spirit. 

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