Senior Memory Boards

IMPORTANT! Our display room is very limited, therefore please do not bring any additional items to place on the table as they will be removed. Everything should be attached to the board. Trifolds are not allowed for the same reason.

Download PDF Document of These Instructions Here.

Senior Photo & Memory Display Board

We suggest that you work together as a family to create a Senior Photo & Memory Display Board. The requirements are listed below along with several suggested store options.

These displays will be viewed at the senior banquet as well as at the graduation reception hall on graduation day (you will need to take them home after the graduation reception). They should include photos and memorabilia of your choosing that reflects the life of your graduate (i.e., their childhood, friends, activities, awards, senior speech, senior photo, graduation announcement, etc.).

The school will provide the tabletop display easels.

  • We suggest you purchase a foam board or an illustration board, which comes in 20 x 30 inch sheets. These are firmer boards and will hold up to the weight of the items placed on the board.
  • No trifolds allowed due to space limitations.
  • Pick any color foam board you wish. It comes in white, black, royal blue, sky blue, navy blue, yellow, green, red, orange, tan, gray stone, and sand stone.
  • Please cut the board 20 x 24 inches. This will help us in organizing our table display area.
  • All boards should be done in a vertical display format.
  • ¬†Aaron Brothers and Michaels will cut the board for you without charge, or you can use an Exacto knife to remove the extra 6 inches yourself.
  • The following stores are suggested places to purchase your board:
    • Aaron Brothers
    • Michaels
    • Office Depot
    • Wal-Mart
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