Mime Club

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Mime Club uses creative arts, primarily mime, to share Bible stories and the Gospel in various public venues. They also utilize their weekly practices and events to invest in growing the students in their faith and leadership skills by participating in Bible Studies, prayer groups, and assigned weekly responsibilities.

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Come Out To Support HCS Mime Club

Discover the power of silence with "Silent Sermon," a mime production presented by HCS Mime Club showcasing their incredible work from the year. This unique performance communicates the message of the gospel through captivating choreography and expressive storytelling.

Witness as these talented students bring biblical stories to life through mime, exploring themes of faith, redemption, and hope. This production is the fruit of their creativity and dedication.

mime club upcoming events

Mondays, 4:30-8pm
San Diego Grace Brethren Church
3455 Atlas St, San Diego 92111

$40 per year, per student
Families with multiple students pay $25/year for their 3rd student and beyond.


Anyone interested in joining Mime Club can visit one of their weekly practices to check it out before formally committing to participate. Please RSVP to the club via email prior to your visit.

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