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The True Cost of Public Education
by Vicki Stormoen, HCS Principal

“I would love to pull my kids from public school and have them attend a Christian School or a Christian homeschool program, but I just can’t afford it.” This is one of the more common things I hear from those looking into the world of private education in light of current events. The unfortunate fact is that private education is not free. It is, in more ways than monetary, an investment in your children in a way that is not required of you when you send your kids to public school. However, it is the oft-repeated phrase that public school is “free” that causes me to bristle. If there is one thing the past couple of years have shown us, it is that there is most definitely a “cost” to public education. That cost may not be felt in monetary terms, but the cost is still there, and it is a high cost indeed. The true “cost” of public education is, bottom line, your child. In terms of authority, control, and decision making, the public education system retains the final say in all matters regarding content and exposure and, most recently, even medical decisions for their students.

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