Before you Enroll

Whether you are a new family or a returning family, you and your spouse must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and agree to abide by all Hertiage Christian School policies.  Please carefully read these FIRST, before filling out the enrollment application. In order to submit the application you will be asked if you have read these and agree to them.

Statement of Faith and School Policies

New Family Enrollment

For families that have never been enrolled with Heritage before.

PLEASE NOTE: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you be a member of HSLDA,  the Home School Legal Defence Association.  (See our School Policies, item 3) You can wait to join until after your meeting with our academic advisor.

Step 1. Read and agree to the above Statement of Faith and School Policies.

Step 2. Fill out the online New Family Enrollment Application.  SAVE THE LOGIN INFO you create.  You will need this, once you are officially enrolled, to enter grades, etc. DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE APPLICATION IF YOU WERE EVER PREVIOUSLY ENROLLED AT HCS. Previously enrolled families who disenrolled and are now returning, please click here.

Step 3. Once the office has received your application you will receive an email to set up an appointment to meet in the office. This will be a brief 30-minute meeting. If you do not hear from the office within 3 business days, please contact us to let us know.

Previous Family Enrollment

For families that were with Heritage at some point in the past then disenrolled and are now returning.

Step 1. Read and agree to the above Statement of Faith and School Policies.

Step 2. Download and fill out the Previous Family Enrollment Application. You may fax, email or mail the completed form to the school office. Please make sure you have filled out the form completely.

Step 3. Because you were with the school previously, you will not be required to meet for an orientation. However, if you feel like it would be helpful to you, call the office and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.

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Continuing Enrollment

For families that are continuing enrollment at HCS from one school year to the next.

Re-enrollment is done through the Student Information System during the re-enrollment period each spring.

Before you Re-enroll 

Review Re-enrollment Instructions here to make sure you have met all re-enrollment requirements.

No payment is taken at the time you fill out the online form, an invoice will be sent to you with payment due by July 15th.

The Re-enrollment Fee refundable until September 3rd, in case you change your mind.

Whether you are a new family or a returning family, you and your spouse must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and agree to abide by all of the school's policies.  Please carefully re-read these FIRST, before re-enrolling through the Student Information System. In order to submit your re-enrollment you will be asked if you have read these and agree to them.


Background Screening

ALL PARENTS, as well as all nonmembers who work with HCS students (e.g., coaches, alumni, and staff) are required to participate in a criminal background check. Requiring background checks is due diligence on our part and helps avoid issues and protect students.

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Enrolling as a Senior

Heritage Christian School will accept students enrolling in their senior year.  However, there are a few special requirements to do this:

Must pay tuition for the entire senior year regardless of when you enroll.

If the senior is the only student enrolling, there is a special enrollment fee.  Please see our fee schedule for this.

Admission to HCS as a senior requires a review by HCS of the student’s high school transcripts to determine if the student will be able to meet graduation requirements by the end of the school year. 

Students must be in good standing with their previous school. We will not accept students that have been expelled or have had any legal, disciplinary or truancy problems with their previous school. Cumulative records will be reviewed for any problems.

As with all of our families, membership in Home School Legal Defense Association is recommended. www.hslda.org

Please be aware that HCS is not accredited.  See our reasons why here

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Out of State Enrollment

If you will NOT be residing in California, it is important to know that each state may have their own requirements for homeschooling in general, and for high school graduation specifically.  Being enrolled as an HCS family does not exempt you from these requirements. It is up to you to check your state homeschooling regulations and comply with them.

You can be enrolled under our Private School Affidavit, but that may not, by itself, fulfill the homeschool requirements of your state. 

You can get a high school diploma from us if your student has met all of our requirements for graduation (which meets California graduation standards), but if your student will go on to college in your state, they may or may not regard your student favorably if he or she did not ALSO meet all of the hoops set for homeschoolers in your state. 

Academy Level

Academy service level is offered for families who are homeschooling by keeping their own records and filing their own private affidavit. Students enrolled in public or public charter schools are not eligible for this service. Participation in sports, clubs, events, and support resources are not included in this service level.

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