what is acreditation?

Accreditation is a system of standards established by an external organization with the goals of guaranteeing uniformity and quality in coursework. HCS has chosen not to be accredited by any such organization because this would require adopting uniform curriculum based on another organization's standards. That organization would set standards for teachers that may not allow parents to make choices in curriculum that cater to the unique needs and learning styles of individual students or enable parents to home educate their children.

If your student transfers into a public high school from a non-accredited school, their credits could be questioned. In extreme cases, some credits earned while home schooling may be denied. Since home schooling has become more popular over the years, colleges and universities have increased their acceptance of home-schooled high school graduates. Since HCS began in 1988, our graduates have been accepted into both private and secular four-year universities, colleges, and professional trade schools all over the country.

Transfer Students

HCS welcomes students transferring from another private or public high school and will accept the credits on their transcript. We will also accept transcripts for students who have been independently home schooled, as long as the parent can fully document courses and grades.

Students must be in good standing with their previous school. We will not accept students that have been expelled or have had any legal, disciplinary or truancy problems with their previous school. Cumulative records will be reviewed for any problems.

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