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Speaker: Lilia Sepulveda

Sepulveda Family

Lilia has been married to her husband Mark for 26 years and both have served in various roles of ministry for the same amount of time. In 2017 they stepped down from their roles as Assistant Pastors of their childhood home church of 40 years to start and pastor their own church. They graduated their three daughters from Heritage Christian School, the last one in June of 2020. Lilia currently serves as Yearbook Advisor and Communications/Media Coordinator for HCS. She is a self-learner who has taught herself many skills in graphic design, administration, leadership, marketing, and counseling. Aside from serving the Lord, her proudest achievement is raising strong, wise, caring, God-fearing young ladies with a desire to homeschool their own future children.

Session: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

homeschool life balance

Yes, you CAN have your cake AND eat it too..... just not at the same time. 

Do you want to homeschool but don't think you have the time for it? Perhaps you've been homeschooling and find it all too time consuming and thinking it's not working out. Having a difficult time trying to make the dirty little word, “balance,” look pretty and under control? Maybe it’s time to recalibrate your balance scale. Learn to identify what drives you to overcommit and how to identify what needs prioritizing. Homeschooling shouldn't be something more you do; it should be a way of life and it starts with the renewing of your mind and rearranging of priorities. 

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