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Allison Wardrip

Allison is a native Californian and has been married to her husband, Noah, for 20 years. They have two daughters, ages 14 and 10, and they are currently in their 8th year of homeschooling (always through Heritage!). Allison absolutely loves coffee, loves to read and discuss books, and loves worship music and hymns. In recent years, she has been attending Bible classes and building her skills in Theology, Biblical Worldview, and Apologetics. As a result, she has developed a passion to educate herself and her children in these areas. Allison also uses her time to volunteer with various Jesus-loving organizations such as the Center for Biblical Unity, Unity4Orphans, and American Heritage Girls.

Teaching A Biblical Worldview

As homeschooling parents, we recognize the value of teaching our children. Not only do we want to educate our children in the academic subjects, but we also understand that our primary focus should be to disciple our children to have a Biblical worldview. What does it mean to allow the Bible to inform every encounter in day-to-day life and how do we develop this perspective?

In this session, we will address these important areas:

  • What exactly is a Biblical worldview?
  • Why is having a solid Biblical worldview important for myself and my children?
  • How do I incorporate this into my homeschooling and daily life?
  • What are some resources to help teach a Biblical worldview to my children?

We all recognize that the world around us is volatile and dark (without Christ!), but as Christian parents, we need not lose hope! We don’t need to be afraid to stand for Truth; however, we must be equipped and proactive to disciple our children (and ourselves!) effectively to navigate daily life. With a solid Biblical worldview, we can be confident that God’s Word provides the wisdom and guidance we need for every day! Let’s journey together to understand and implement a Biblical worldview within our families and homeschool!

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