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What our families say about our Yearbooks.

"I just picked up the yearbook. It's beautiful! I think it's the prettiest one I've ever seen Please tell the yearbook team they all did a great job. So glad I got one at the last second." - J. Lindsay (2021)

"Oh my goodness, the yearbook is PHENOMENAL! Bravos to the Yearbook Team!" - A. Wardrip (2021)

"The yearbooks are beautiful! Just picked ours up today. What a wonderful job you all did! Hooray!" - R. Flores (2021)

"Congratulations! The yearbook is fabulous! A job well done!" - J. Richards, Asst. Principal (2021)

"Thanks for all your staff's effort on the yearbook this year! It's beautiful. My boys are enjoying it. They really like the part where kids tell their favorite parts of participating in sports." - S. Sedgwick (2020)

"We LOVE our yearbook. We always get a yearbook but this one is TOPS in our opinion. The team did a fantastic job!" - E. Linstrom (2020)

"Thank you all for an amazing yearbook!  All your hard work ad sacrifice to put this together definitely showed. The layout, the writing, the content, the senior bios, and the twin page are particular highlights for me.  I like the covid section as well.  It makes the yearbook historical and explains why some of the events like formal and the spring play were not in it." 

"It worked out great to have the yearbook staff take the senior bio photos.  All the photos were lovely. Thank you for your leadership and for mentoring and training the yearbook students this year.  You did a phenomenal job.  Your passion and ministry is invaluable." 

"I personally want to also thank the staff for highlighting the STEM club. It was a very well-written article. I feel like this yearbook, in particular, did a good job at highlighting student leadership and initiative overall." 

"I was genuinely moved and touched by reading and looking through the yearbook. So much care and expertise and professionalism was reflected from it.  I’m so proud of each of you and I want to thank you for all your hard work to give the school such a special yearbook this year." - J. Moon (2020)

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Three months payment plan available when purchased online.

We do not order extra books but the publisher may send overrun copies at their discretion. A waiting list will be started if books are sold out but we can't guarantee we will have extra books at distribution time so we encourage you to order in advance. 

student reading yearbook
Student Kyria browses through her copy of the 2021 yearbook during lunch break at Del Cerro Class Day.
student signing yearbook
Student Nina signs her friend's yearbook.

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