Holly Hedgecock AHC22

Speaker: Holly Hedgecock

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Holly has been homeschooling with HCS since 1995. Her and her husband have been blessed with 12 incredible kids through the gift of adoption. She is currently homeschooling her youngest three grades 7th, 10th, and 12th. Through her years at HCS Holly has taught Preschool, Kindergarten, Science in the younger grades, and Heroes of Faith and Poetry. She has also facilitated various co-ops in her home and has served as a Class Day Coordinator. She serves at her church on the prayer team and leads their Hearts for Adoption Ministry that helps educate, connect, and equip families to Foster Care and Adoption. As a family they enjoy the beach, basketball and all things volleyball. In her free time she enjoys beach walks, baking, quilting, and coffee with friends. 

Homeschooling Outside the Lines: Dealing with Special Needs, Trauma and Loss, and Life's Challenges

color outside the lines

Despite our best efforts, life can be incredibly messy, difficult and heartbreaking. As a homeschool parent these times can seem even more complex as we try to navigate life's challenges while loving, caring for and educating our children. During this session my desire is to encourage you with fresh hope on how to find peace during difficult times of homeschooling, whether managing special education needs, or a difficult season as a family, and how to gain new vision in spite of the special circumstances we are facing.

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