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Linked below is a list of community college professors that have been recommended by our HCS students and parents.

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Community College Professor Recommendations

Notice to Minor Students

Notice to Minor Students and Their Parents / Guardians Re Community College Attendance

The number of students under the age of 18 attending community college has increased in recent years. This makes communication between the college and minor students increasingly important to insure a positive educational experience.

It is imperative to understand that when a minor student becomes a student at any college, all rights accorded to, and consent required of, parents transfer to the student (section 99.5 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). That is, parents do not have the right to inspect the minor student’s records or gain access to information related to their attendance at a community college. The minor’s parents / guardians must have a signed release from the student before we will discuss or release any information related to the student.

Minor students and their parents / guardians must also understand that they are entering a college environment, which is designed with adults in mind. Thus, the atmosphere of the campus in general, and of classrooms in particular, will frequently reflect an adult population.

Students should be aware that:

  •      Courses may have frank discussions about sensitive topics
  •      Audio-visual presentations may be graphic in their content
  •      Students may be exposed to vulgar language inside and outside of the classroom
  •      Students may access pregnancy and HIV testing and condoms through the student Health Services
  •      Instructors cannot inform anyone, including parents, of last minute class cancellations or early class releases.  If classes are released early, instructors cannot sit with underage students while they wait to be picked up. 

This is not meant to create undue concern – only to serve as a precaution to allow minor students and their parents / guardians to understand what a college setting is like so that they can have a safe, positive educational experience. 

If you are using college units are for high school credit, at the end of the current semester the student should request that an official transcript be sent to the high school. Students may view their enrollment and final grades through the online registration system.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Student rights and responsibilities are usually outlined in the college’s catalog.  The catalog is available online through the college website and includes course information and college policies such as grading, course repetition, enrollment procedures, and course transfer.   All students are directed to read the section on Student Rights and Responsibilities which includes; Code of Ethics, Disability Accommodation, Drug-free Environment, notice of Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Freedom of Speech, Grievance Procedure, Prohibition of Harassment, Filing a Complaint of Harassment or Discrimination, Smoking on Campus, and Standards of Student Conduct.  Copies of the catalog are available in the college bookstore for a nominal fee.

For more information, contact the Community College you are attending.

This information is taken from Mira Costa Community College and provided as a courtesy of HCS.

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