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Conference Testimonials

"I love attending conferences to learn and be encouraged to do what I have been called to do by the Lord.  Heritage Conference has refreshed and confirmed the same vision that the Lord has impressed upon my heart.  Thank you." 

"I learned that homeschooling is not just another thing that my family does, but instead, it is who we are and how we live everyday life. It changed my perspective about homeschooling and my family's life as a whole." 

"As a first year homeschooling family, it was so wonderful to attend a conference like this.  I felt the support of the school and other families that were in attendance.  The classes were well planned! They helped encourage me to keep going and answered so many questions I have had come up." 

"Very grateful for everyone involved to make this possible. It really is vital in our encouragement and support needed along our journey. Thank you." 

"It was very refreshing to meet other Christian homeschooling parents who share my convictions about educating my children at home as it's been a subject not always supported by family nor church community. Meeting parents that have been homeschooling for so many years left me amazed and inspired to stay the course when times get tough. This is the community I have been longing for." 

"If feeling burned out, this will fill your 'encouragement' tank." 

"There is absolutely no other place like being in the presence of good people.  There is a sense of implicit concern for other people who are authentic.  No app, no automation, or robot can replicate this aspect of human experience.  I have derived so much from this experience that I will not hesitate to pay it forward." 

"This is a unique opportunity to learn and ask experienced homeschoolers about specific challenges we think we are alone in facing, but we are not alone!! It is also a rare opportunity to learn about particular curriculum or recommendations that otherwise can only be found online with very limited peeks." 

"It is so encouraging and provided so many wonderful resources for our family." 

"I had just finished my first year of homeschooling and attending this conference was very encouraging to continuing the journey. One of my aha moments was sitting in a math conference and realizing not all of my kids will be (or have to be) college bound. That took a huge amount of pressure off. Overall, I would attend again."

- Elizabeth Bello

"Even though I’ve been been homeschooling for 10 years now, I appreciate the motivation and refocus that I receive at events like this where other homeschooling parents are willing to pour their hearts out and share tips and inspiration. I left feeling recharged and reminded of why I homeschool. My sister, who was new to homeschooling at the time, came with me and in addition to being motivated, she also learned plenty of new tips and ideas. Plus, we just had fun getting away for the day, talking with like-minded parents, and eating delicious food served by someone else. Who doesn’t like that?!? I’m thankful HCS puts the effort and resources in to make something like this happen and look forward to this year’s conference as well."

- Tracy Kiffe

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