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Karen Alm

Karen Alm started the adventure of homeschooling in 1989 with a 5 year old, 4 year old, 1 1/2 year old toddler, and 3 month old baby. "Is that legal?" was a question she was asked frequently

Now 35 years later, with 11 adult children who all have graduated from HCS (except Gabriel who has Down Syndrome and was in special ed at Granite Hills) and have all graduated with degrees from Patrick Henry College, Columbia Law, USD, Cal Berkeley, UCSD, and UCLA, she is facing her last year homeschooling her 12th born who will graduate in 2024.

The Alm Family has been a part of HCS since 1997. Karen taught Beginning Public Speaking for over 17 years at class day, along with Drama, Health, Writing, nursery duty, and being on the clean up crewHer husband, Bob, currently teaches Psychology, American Gov't, Personal Finance, and Business at EC class day. He has served on the HCS Board as President and coached Varsity Girl's Basketball. 

When she's not managing their rental properties, Karen is either hiking, painting, meeting up with other women of all ages, or planning a partyKaren loves to connect with and encourage others in their journey, seeing God's greatness, goodness and that He's got thisShe has gained wisdom the hard way; through failure and mistakes but it is wisdom nonetheless

Reflections From 35 Years of Homeschooling and 12 Grown Children

Would you like to hear a veteran of 35 years of homeschooling her 12 children discuss what she is glad she did, what she regrets she did, and what she would do if she could do it all over

Karen will be sharing her reflections of homeschooling and her life as a mom in an informal discussion format that will allow for questions and comments

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