Re-Enrollment Instructions

Re-enrolling for the next school year is one of THREE conditions that must be met in order to register for classes on April 14, 2023:
  1. Re-enrollment
  2. 1st-Semester grades entered
  3. Financial account current
All families will be PARKED on HSL on April 12th, rendering your HSL account unusable until the three above conditions have been met. Once you have been unparked, you will be able to register for classes as soon as registration opens.

Re-enrollment for 2023-2024 School Year Opens March 15, 2023

This process takes place in your SIS account.
No payment is due at this time. Enrollment fees are due by July 15th.
 From “Member Services” on our website, log into your SIS Portal (Student Information System). If you cannot login, please contact the office.
 Click on the Re-enrollment tab on the upper right side of the screen.
 Parent Information Section: Please review all the information and make any necessary additions or corrections to your information. Please confirm that your Level of Service is correct for 2023-2024
 Existing Student(s) Re-Enrollment Section: Please check the correct box next to each of your students' names – “yes” your student is re-enrolling or “no” your student is not going to re-enroll for 2023-2024.
 Please make sure that your student’s current 2022-2023 grade levels are correct. If they are not correct, please do not continue the re-enrollment process. Please email
 Next, choose either “advance to next grade” or “stay at same grade”. If your student is skipping a grade, choose advance to next grade, and email that they are skipping a grade level.
 If you have another student that will be joining Heritage for the very first time you can add them in the “New Student Enrollment” section. If you have a former student that is coming back, their name should be listed for you to check.
 Next, click the box that says that you and your spouse consent to the Policies and Statement of Faith.
 Once you have completed the re-enrollment form, please click the Re-Enroll button at the bottom of the page in order to complete your re-enrollment.
That’s it! The whole process should take less than five minutes!

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