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Hosting Help needed Jan 7th - 10th

Paradigm Speech & Debate is requesting help from all Heritage Christian School families.

We are hosting our first major Speech & Debate tournament of the year on January 8th-10th, 2015. People are traveling from several states, and we have several families who have requested housing for the duration of the tournament. We are specifically in need of Host Housing within 45 minutes drive of Point Loma for the dates of January 7th thru the 11th.

We simply need sleeping space (floor space is great!) and shower availability for families traveling to San Diego. (Guests will be responsible for their own food and transportation needs.) All student competitors are Christian homeschoolers between the ages of 12-18 and will be accompanied by a parent.

Please considering helping in this way; it will truly bless the traveling families to save on the hotel cost, and you will probably even make it possible for some families to participate in this very important, educational activity who might otherwise not be able to afford it.

(also, if you have family or friends who might be able to help, please share this request with them.)

Thank you for considering our request,
Cindi Topper
PLC 2015 Host Housing Coordinator

Please e-mail responses to:

Paradigm Speech/Debate

Learning how to seek, share and live effectively the Truth.

Paradigm Speech and Debate Club is a parent-led and parent-instructed organization, with assistance from Paradigm alumni for routine coaching in debate and limited areas of speech. The philosophy of this club is to instill in the students the strengths of the family as the primary working model for the education and socialization of students, the gaining of practical application of Biblical principles in a competitive format, and for the inculcation of American values. Paradigm has had many successes in the national home school debate league over the past ten years. Students range from 12 years of age to seniors in high school. The club emphasizes Lincoln-Douglas debate, policy debate, platform-speaking events, limited-preparation speaking events, apologetics, and interpretive- speaking events. These activities have been extremely useful in fostering the skills of technical research, logical thinking, critical analysis, expository writing, and public speaking.

The main club meets each Tuesday beginning in September.

Speech 6:00-7:30pm

Debate 7:30-9:00pm

Skyline Wesleyan Church - 11330 Campo Rd, La Mesa CA 91941

Meet at the top of the stairs behind the café

An alternate time & location

The Chapel at Grossmont - 5651 Water St, La Mesa CA 91942

Speech & Debate Mondays starting at 6:30pm

Meet in the building to the left when descending the stairs from the parking lot.

Paradigm calendar listings   

For more club info: Contact Paradigm Speech & Debate Club

Paradigm Head Coach: Steve Winston



I hope to convince you that debate isn't just for pre-law students and political science majors. On the contrary, it might be the most significant way for students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to stand out amoung their peers.

I am a civilian member of the Air Force working as a fighter test engineer on the developmental test and evaluation of the F-35 Joint Strike fighter - a 5th generation, multi-role, supersonic stealth fighter procured by the three branches of the United States Armed Services and many allied countries as part of the largest government weapon accusation program in history. So yeah, I love my job. I get to park opposite some of the most advanced fighter jets in existence, work with most of the skilled pilots in the world - oh, and hear sonic booms shake the walls of my office every day. I have these opportunities now because I debated in high school. I didn't want to (at first), but I did, and then I learned to love it. I would learn during my senior year of college, when applying for aerospace engineering jobs, how valuable high school debate really was.

I was offered my present job after giving a technical presentation to several engineers at Edwards Air Force Base. A working flight test engineer emailed me the next day, stating "your stage presence, mastery of technical content, and communication skills set you apart." Did you get that? Sure, one of the three skills that got me the job came from being a competitive engineering student; taking college level science and math classes in high school, scoring high in Math on SAT 1 and ACT, having engineering internships, completing college research projects, getting good grades in engineering classes, etc. But the other TWO reasons I got the job were because of skills I learned from debating, that's significant.

I could tell you from personal experience that no one can benefit from debate more than those of you that think you might need it at least. Sharpening all those important technical skills will make you eligible for science and technology related jobs, but competing in debate will make you desirable compared to other applicants. You will develop the acumen to present yourself intelligently and fluently in an academic setting. Debate will train you to listen critically, think carefully, speak concisely. It will give you confidence. Employers want to see more than book smarts; they want to see you stand out. Nothing I know will better prepare you to do that joining Paradigm and doing debate. I know you won't regret it. And you might even like it.

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